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A Simple Performance Comparison of HTTPS, SPDY and HTTP/2

 January 16, 2015

Firefox 35 was released this week and became the first browser to enable support for the HTTP/2 protocol by default. The HTTP/2 specification has not been finalised so Firefox actually enabled the Draft 14 version of HTTP/2 but little is expected to change in the final draft. Google is now supporting HTTP/2 draft 14 on its web servers alongside the SPDY protocol giving us a chance to compare the performance of raw HTTPS, SPDY and HTTP/2 on the same web page. We also updated HttpWatch this week so that it supports HTTP/2 within Firefox. It has new columns to display … Continue reading

Beware: Your Cloud Server May Have Some IP Related Baggage

 May 22, 2014

Cloud based servers are great. You can quickly fire up new instances to scale up a web site or just to make deployment easier. However, your new cloud server may not be as clean and new as you expect. The problem is that IPv4 addresses are in short supply and your cloud server provider will maintain a pool of addresses that get recycled when a cloud server is destroyed. So when you create a new cloud server, the IP address assigned to it may have some baggage from its previous owner. We ran into this when we deployed a major … Continue reading

Seven Reasons Why our iOS App Costs $ 99.99

 April 15, 2014

That’s not a typo. The paid version of the HttpWatch app really costs $ 99.99. We’ve had some great feedback about the app but there’s been a fair amount of surprise and disbelief that we would attempt to sell an app for 100x more than Angry Birds: “I like this app and what it offers; providing waterfalls charts and webpage testing tools on iOS but £70 for the professional version is way out most people’s budget. Even my company won’t pay for it at that price even though we’re Sales Engineers all about CDN & website acceleration” “Its a perfect app, BUTTTT … Continue reading