A New Way to Ask Questions and Make Suggestions About HttpWatch

calendarMay 20, 2021 in Uncategorized

As well as the usual ways of getting support we have recently added a Discourse forum for asking questions or sharing what you have done with HttpWatch.

There’s also a ‘Feature Request‘ category where you can suggest new ideas and vote on existing ones.

Using SSLRobot 1.2 to Check Proxy Configuration

calendarNovember 5, 2018 in HTTPS , Security , SSL , SSLRobot , Uncategorized

We’ve recently updated our SSLRobot TLS/SSL checking tool with three main changes:

  1. It now uses the locally installed root CA certificates (Windows or MacOS) to support servers that use custom in-house generated SSL certificates.
  2. The Network section displays detailed information about the operating system’s proxy configuration.
  3. It’s free to use with any host name although the extended features such as save, print and email require a license key or an in-app purchase from the Mac App Store.

Item 2) means that SSLRobot can be a useful tool for debugging and verifying proxy settings even if you don’t need to check the SSL/TLS configuration. Just type a host name into SSLRobot and expand the Network section to see the system proxy configuration.

When there’s no proxy settings on a Mac or PC you’ll see something like this in the Network section:

and with a manually configured proxy you’ll see this:

The proxy data fields show how the proxy was configured and in this case that NTLM authentication was used. It also shows if a PAC (proxy auto config) file was used to specify the proxy on a per host basis:

If SSLRobot detects any potential problems it displays a warning, e.g. the WPAD file location could not be found when using proxy auto-detection :

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