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Beware: Your Cloud Server May Have Some IP Related Baggage

 May 22, 2014

Cloud based servers are great. You can quickly fire up new instances to scale up a web site or just to make deployment easier. However, your new cloud server may not be as clean and new as you expect. The problem is that IPv4 addresses are in short supply and your cloud server provider will maintain a pool of addresses that get recycled when a cloud server is destroyed. So when you create a new cloud server, the IP address assigned to it may have some baggage from its previous owner. We ran into this when we deployed a major … Continue reading

Five Tips for Using Self Signed SSL Certificates with iOS

 December 12, 2013

SSL certificates are relatively cheap to purchase, but sometimes it would be easier if you could create your own. You might need to setup SSL on development and test servers that have different host names or on systems that will only ever be accessed on your local network. Self-signed SSL certificates allow you to quickly create certificates for free, without having to pay a Certificate Authority (CA) or comply with any auditing requirements. The downside of using self-signed certificates is that browsers will not automatically trust sites that use them. In Mobile Safari you would see an error like this: … Continue reading

Using a CDN to speed up WordPress

 October 27, 2010

We recently moved our blog from a Jumpbox VM to Windows 2008 R2 using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. It makes setting up WordPress a doddle on Windows as it automatically installs and configures PHP, MySQL, IIS and WordPress in a couple of easy steps: One performance benefit we got immediately was that HTTP compression was enabled by the installer in IIS 7.5 reducing the download size of any text based content: In true dogfooding style we decided to use HttpWatch to look for some other easy performance gains. The first problem evident from the waterfall time chart was how … Continue reading