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Investigating the Network Performance Of Firefox 5

 June 10, 2011

Things are happening fast at Mozilla. Although Firefox 4 was only released three months ago, Firefox 5 is only days away from final release. We can also expect to see versions 6 and 7 later this year. One of the major performance related changes in Firefox 5 is an improvement in the way that keep-alive HTTP connections are re-used. Previously, there was a simple FIFO queue. So if Firefox ever tried to reuse a TCP connection it would simply use the connection that had been idle for the longest period of time. However, not all connections are equal. Connections that … Continue reading

IE 9 – What’s Changed?

 May 4, 2011

Now that IE 9 has been released and is widely used, we wanted to follow up on some of our previous IE related blog posts to see how things have changed. 1. Using a VPN Still Clobbers IE 9 Performance We previously reported about the scaling back of the maximum number of concurrent connections in IE 8 when your PC uses a VPN connection. This happened even if the browser traffic didn’t go over that connection. Unfortunately, IE 9 is affected by VPN connections in the same way: There is a subtle difference though. IE 8 would dynamically change it’s … Continue reading

HttpWatch 7.1 : Updates for Firefox 4.0 and IE 9

 December 2, 2010

In HttpWatch version 7.1 we’ve added support for Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 and made some improvements for the IE 9 beta. The first change was driven by the minimal user interfaces used by the latest Firefox and IE betas. By default, no toolbars or status bars are displayed on which HttpWatch can add a button. This change makes sense as it frees up more screen space for displaying a web page, but makes it difficult to open HttpWatch without using a keyboard shortcut or reconfiguring the browser. Our solution was to add an menu entry on the context menu in … Continue reading

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