Google uses HttpWatch to Speed Up Gmail

calendarMay 16, 2008 in HttpWatch , Optimization

Google MailThere’s a post over on the Gmail blog by Wiltse Carpenter, the Tech Lead for Gmail Performance, about how they used HttpWatch and other tools to speed up the login for Gmail.

Here’s what they said about HttpWatch:

“The Httpwatch plug-in for Internet Explorer was one that proved easy to use and provided us with most of the information we needed. It really helps that we can capture and save browser traces with it too.”

To reduce the time required to login they looked for ways to minimize the number of requests and reduce the overhead of each request:

“We spent hours poring over these traces to see exactly what was happening between the browser and Gmail during the sign-in sequence, and we found that there were between fourteen and twenty-four HTTP requests required to load an inbox and display it. To put these numbers in perspective, a popular network news site’s home page required about a 180 requests to fully load when I checked it yesterday. But when we examined our requests, we realized that we could do better. We decided to attack the problem from several directions at once: reduce the number of overall requests, make more of the requests cacheable by the browser, and reduce the overhead of each request.”

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