HttpWatch Will Not Support Firefox 41+

calendarAugust 12, 2015 in Firefox , HttpWatch

HttpWatch added support for Firefox 2 & 3 back in 2008 and we’ve updated it to support the 39 major versions released since then.

Sadly, the last Firefox version HttpWatch will support is 40 (the one released this week, August 11, 2015). The main reason is that Firefox 41 will drop support for native extensions like HttpWatch:

Unfortunately, porting the HttpWatch extension to JS/XUL or using JS c-types is not feasible due to the large development effort required, the inability to maintain a low performance overhead and the limited interfaces available to the underlying Firefox web and network components.

It’s not just the dropping of binary extension support that has forced this decision. The rapid 6 week release cycle has made it increasingly difficult for developers and Firefox users to keep their extensions working with each new release. We have come to the conclusion our development time would be better spent adding more features to HttpWatch on Internet Explorer and adding new ways to sniff HTTP traffic from other browsers.

If you want to carry on using HttpWatch, for as long as possible, the best option is to use Firefox ESR version 38. It will work with HttpWatch version 10 and receive security fixes until approximately March 2016.

UPDATE: Mozilla is also deprecating the XPCOM and XUL technologies that have been the foundation of the Firefox extension system.

UPDATE: You can still Firefox 40 to test HTTP/2 with HttpWatch by downloading it from

4 thoughts on “HttpWatch Will Not Support Firefox 41+

  1. Nige says:

    Based on the above information I have updated my version of Firefox to 38.2.0 ESR but now the Extensions screen is saying ‘HttpWatch Professional Edition is incompatible with Firefox 38.2.0’. I have tried installing the latest HttpWatch download (10.0.11) again but to no avail, and am unable to revert my FF version to the previous version. Any guidance to resolve this would be appreciated.

  2. Nige,

    Version 10.0.11 is not the latest version. You can download version 10.0.27 from here:

  3. Nige says:

    Correction to the above post … the latest download has installed 10.0.27 on my machine but Firefox is still showing 10.0.11, which will be why FF 38 will not run it. Any ideas why FF is not picking up my latest installed version of HttpWatch? Has this issue been reported before?

  4. Please try this:

    1) Close Firefox and make sure firefox.exe is not running in Task Manager->Details.
    2) Uninstall HttpWatch
    30 Start Firefox and make sure there are no HttpWatch entries under Add-ons->Extensions or Add-ons->Plugins
    4) Install HttpWatch 10.0.27

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