HttpWatch Version 8.0 Released

calendarJanuary 30, 2012 in Firefox , HttpWatch

HttpWatch version 8.0 has been released and is now available for download.

Any customers eligible for a free upgrade to HttpWatch Professional can install the latest version using their existing license key. If you’re not sure whether your license will work with version 8.0 go to Help->Check For Updates in HttpWatch and it will show you any available updates or upgrades.

What’s New?

Supports Firefox 10.0

HttpWatch 8.0 works with Mozilla Firefox 10.0:

Windows 7 Taskbar Previews

HttpWatch Studio supports Windows 7 taskbar previous making it easier to switch between log files:

New ID and Connection ID Values

The ID provides a simple way to uniquely identify entries in an HttpWatch log file:

and the Connection ID shows which TCP connection was used by each request:

Add Comments to Pages and Requests

You can now add comments to the log file within the browser or in HttpWatch Studio:

Supports HTTP Archive (HAR) 1.2 File Format

HttpWatch 8.0 supports the enhanced the HAR 1.2 file format for importing and exporting data to other tools and environments:

Add any Header, Cookie, Query String or POST data value as a Grid Column

Track changes to headers, cookies or other parameters more easily by adding them as a column to the main request grid:

Easily Add Data Items as a Grid Column

Almost every data item displayed in HttpWatch can be quickly added to the main request grid using a context menu item:

A more detailed list of changes is available in the version history.

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