HttpWatch Version 7.0 is Available For Download

calendarJune 7, 2010 in HttpWatch

HttpWatch version 7.0 has been released and is now available for download.

HttpWatch 6.0Any customers eligible for a free upgrade to HttpWatch Professional can install the latest version using their existing license key. If you’re not sure whether your license will work with version 7.0 go to Help->Check For Updates in HttpWatch and it will show you any available updates or upgrades.

What’s New?

Page Level Events

Page level time charts now include lines to indicate when events were raised during the loading of a page:

Page Events in HttpWatch 7.0

Improved Grouping of Requests during Page Load

Requests occurring after the page onload event are now grouped with the requests recorded during the initial loading of the page:

Page Grouping in HttpWatch 7.0

HttpWatch Detects and Highlights Potential Problems

HttpWatch now examines each request and issues warnings where problems relating to performance, security or functionality are detected. Requests that have warnings are highlighted with a new Warning column marker:

HttpWatch 7.0 Detects Potential Problems

and a new request level Warnings tab shows the details of each potential problem:

Warnings tab in HttpWatch 7.0

There’s also a new Warning tab in the Summary window that summarizes the occurrence of each type of warning in a page or set of selected requests:

Warnings Summary Tab in HttpWatch 7.0

Customizable Grid Controls

Right clicking on a grid’s column headers opens a customization menu:

Grid Customization in HttpWatch 7.0

For example, you may want to increase the font size if you are using HttpWatch in a demonstration:

Change grid font size in HttpWatch 7.0

New Data Columns in the Request Grid

There’s now more than thirty columns to choose from in the main request grid covering almost every data item that is available in HttpWatch:

Select Columns in HttpWatch 7.0

Customizable CSV Export

The CSV output now can now be customized to include the data fields that you need:

Data Tips Help You Understand The Recorded Data

Data tips are now displayed when you hold the mouse pointer over an item such as an HTTP status code:

Result Data Tip

Or a header value saving you the trouble of looking up what the value means:

Data Tip for Header

New Icon Based Type Column

The new icon based type column saves space and provides an instant visual marker for different types of content. The data tip shows the underlying mime type:

Icon based Type Column

Coloring of Result Column Values

The result column now uses red to indicate errors and gray for (Cache):

Coloring of Result column

More Information About Cookies

The cookie tab now displays the HttpOnly and Secure flags for each cookie; including cookie values that were sent to the server. The source column shows whether the cookie value was returned from the server, set by Javascript or saved in the cookie store by a previous session:

More information about Cookies

Improved Support For HAR Files

HTTP Archive (HAR files) can now be:

  • Saved as HttpWatch log files (.hwl)
  • Open using the HttpWatch automation interface
  • Re-exported in CSV or XML formats

Improved Automation Interface

The automation interface allows HttpWatch to be controlled from programs written in almost any programming language (e.g. C#, VB.Net, Ruby, Javascript). In version 7.0, this interface has been extended with new classes, properties and methods to support:

  • Page level events
  • Warnings
  • Export of customized CSV output
  • HTTP Archive (HAR) files
  • Image dimensions

The documentation is also improved with a new format and object relationship diagrams:

Improved API documentation

Uploaded File Type on POST Data tab

The content type of uploaded files is now shown in a separate column in the POST Data tab:

New Type column on POST Data tab

Compatibility with Version 6.x

The HttpWatch log file format (HWL) has changed in version 7.0 to include support for page level events and imported HAR files. Files can be saved in HttpWatch 5.x/6.x format in case you need to share files with someone running an older version of HttpWatch.

The automation interface maintains backwards source compatibility with interpreted script clients and binary compatibility with existing compiled clients (e.g. C#, C++, VB.Net) .

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