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calendarApril 23, 2008 in HttpWatch

Here’s a summary of some recent blog posts that have mentioned HttpWatch:

“My team has been using HttpWatch for a few months now to analyze the client side performance of SkyDrive.  Previously, I had relied on some internal tools we use that are based on NetMon, as well as Fiddler and Firebug with the YSlow plugin.  While these tools were pretty good, here’s why I think HttpWatch beats them all”

from HttpWatch – My favorite web performance tool,

“Inspecting the payload your server is issuing out can be quite tricky, luckily for the likes of you and I the boffin’s at Microsoft created Fiddler and Simtec created HttpWatch (which I use every single day – probably the best developer tool I’ve got in my arsenal, it’s also coincidentally the tool you’ll see screen shots from throughout this article)”

from Pimp my ASP.NET web application – Part One

“Wow, I thought I was good at learning about new tools, but I never heard about HttpWatch It works much in the same way as Firebug, as a add-in to Internet Explorer. It looks really really cool, and some of the features are even better than Firebug. I like how it even gives you insight into the TCP level of your browsing sessions, such as how much time a DNS lookup takes”

from Httpwatch: Commercial alternative to Firebug for Internet Explorer

“While modifying a website which uses AJAX, we are converting from a rather non-standard implementation of AJAX calls to one that is a lot more standard.  But, we’re still concerned about the number of the objects being downloaded, the size of each object, the time each object takes to download, the number of round-trips, etc. We wanted a way to easily visualize what’s happening. HttpWatch provides a way”

from A New Tool in My Tester’s Tool Box – HttpWatch

HttpWatch is a great add-on tool to Internet Explorer that captures your IE HTTP traffic. The best part for me is that it can be driven programaticly from my Watir Tests.

from Using HttpWatch with Watir

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