HttpWatch Goes 64-bit and Supports EPM on Windows 8

calendarApril 3, 2014 in HttpWatch , Internet Explorer

The latest update to HttpWatch is available for download and adds the features list below:

Full 64-bit and Enhanced Protected Mode Support

HttpWatch can now be used in 64-bit versions of IE and fully supports Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM) on Windows 8 and 8.1:

HttpWatch Supports 64-bit IE

Improved Performance on Windows 64-bit

The automation interface is now available in 64-bit, as well as 32-bit, providing improved performance in 64-bit automation clients.

HttpWatch also includes a 64-bit version of the HttpWatch Studio log file viewer that can load larger files and filter data more quickly.

Property Pane Displays User Name, Browser Mode and Windows Architecture

The Properties pane now displays the browser mode (e.g. EPM), user name and Windows architecture (e.g. x86 or x64):

New Values on Properties Pane

New Fields for CSV Output

New Page ID, Device Name and User Name fields are available in the CSV output:

New CSV Fields

HttpWatch 9.2: SSL handshake and Protocol Information in Firefox

calendarFebruary 14, 2014 in Firefox , HTTPS , HttpWatch , SSL

HttpWatch 9.2 is now available for download and brings the level of SSL reporting in Firefox up to the same level as the plugin for IE and the iOS app.

SSL handshake timings are now displayed in Firefox:

SSL Handshake Timing

and in-depth information about the SSL protocol used by each connection:

SSL Information

We’ve also made some other SSL related improvements that are available in the Firefox/IE plugins and the HttpWatch Studio log file viewer. The first is that SSL information can now be added as columns in the main request grid:

SSL Columns


There’s also a new warning that can be used to highlight HTTPS connections that have potential vulnerabilities:

SSL Warning




Using HttpWatch with IE 11 and Windows 8.1

calendarDecember 9, 2013 in HttpWatch , Internet Explorer , SPDY

UPDATE: HttpWatch 9.3 now fully supports IE 11 on Windows 8.1 including Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM). Please refer to HttpWatch Supports 64-bit and EPM .

HttpWatch 9.1 is now available for download and adds support for IE 11 on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1:

IE 11 Support

If your HttpWatch Professional license key allows access to version 9.x you can simply download and run the latest setup program to get the update.

SPDY is disabled while HttpWatch is recording

Another limitation of HttpWatch on Windows 8.1 is that it currently does not support the SPDY protocol in IE 11 even though it is enabled by default:

SPDY in IE 11

While HttpWatch is recording any potential SPDY connections are downgraded to ordinary SSL/HTTPS connections. Again this limitation will be addressed in a future update to HttpWatch.


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