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Using HttpWatch with IE 11 and Windows 8.1

 December 9, 2013

HttpWatch 9.1 is now available for download and adds support for IE 11 on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1: If your HttpWatch Professional license key allows access to version 9.x you can simply download and run the latest setup program to get the update. Enhanced Protected Mode is Not Supported One of the issues you may run into is that the current version of HttpWatch is not compatible with EPM (Enhanced Protected Mode). This was first enabled by default on Windows 8.1, but then disabled by default in a subsequent update. Installing HttpWatch with EPM enabled will cause this message to be displayed: … Continue reading

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HttpWatch for iOS Now Displays Page Summary and Events

 October 11, 2013

The latest update to the HttpWatch App displays the Page Load and Render Start events as lines on the waterfall chart just like the Windows based plugins for IE and Firefox: There’s also a page level summary of the network operations required to load a page:

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HttpWatch App Now Supports iPad

 September 2, 2013

The latest update to the HttpWatch Basic and Professional apps adds supports for the iPad. Customers who have purchased the Professional app can download the update onto their iPad for free. On the iPad the app now has a split screen button: which will display the browser next to the waterfall chart of HTTP requests: In portrait mode the display is split horizontally: If you have suggestions on how we can improve the HttpWatch iOS apps please contact us directly or use the ‘Rate this App’ menu item.