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HttpWatch 8.4: Supports Firefox 14 and Selenium

 July 17, 2012

The latest update to HttpWatch adds support for Firefox 14 and includes a new AttachByTitle method on the Controller automation class: Previously, it wasn’t possible to attach HttpWatch to instance of IE created by the Selenium browser automation framework because Selenium doesn’t provide access to the IE’s IWebBrowser2 interface. The new AttachByTitle method makes it possible to attach HttpWatch to any instance of IE or Firefox so long as the page has a unique title. For example, here’s the sample code included with HttpWatch 8.4 that demonstrates how to use a unique page title with Selenium: // Use Selenium to … Continue reading

Poll: How Often Should New Firefox Versions Be Released?

 September 21, 2011

Earlier this year Mozilla shifted from releasing a new version every year or so, to once every six weeks. So in the previous four years we had five major new builds of Firefox, but this year we’ve already had versions 4, 5 and 6. Releasing often seems like a good idea; unless you’re in a controlled corporate environment or you develop extensions for a living. While changing to this new model, Mozilla largely gave up on backwards compatibility to speed up their development process. In the past many interfaces were said to be ‘frozen’ meaning that script based and native … Continue reading

Follow Up: Asynchronous Google Analytics is Better but Not Faster Even with IE 6 and 7

 August 12, 2010

In our last post Asynchronous Google Analytics is Better but Not Faster, we ran some tests using HttpWatch in Firefox 3.6 and IE 8 to see if the asynchronous version of the Google Analytics (GA) script was really faster as many have claimed. We found the following: Changing from the synchronous to asynchronous GA snippet make no significant difference in page load time over a typical broadband connection When we tried simulating a slow download of the ga.js file, we did find that the asynchronous version of GA isolated the page from this potential performance problem – but only in … Continue reading