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The Sad State Of HAR File Compatibility in 2013

 June 24, 2013

Ok, that title is a bit misleading. There are lots of tools successfully using and exchanging HAR files. It should probably read the ‘Sad State of HAR File Compatibility with HttpWatch in 2013′. Here are some attempts to import HAR files from other popular tools into HttpWatch for Windows: and in the HttpWatch iPhone app: HttpWatch was one of the original adopters of the HAR file format and the first Windows GUI application that could open and display HAR files. During the implementation of the HAR import feature we were concerned about supporting variations in HAR files from other tools. To … Continue reading

HttpWatch Version 6.2 Supports Data Exchange with Firebug

 October 19, 2009

We’ve been working with Jan Odvarko, from the Firebug team to create an open file format for sharing HTTP log files. It uses text based, JSON encoding and has been designed for ease of use over performance or comprehensiveness. Most popular programming languages have libraries that can handle the parsing or creation of JSON files so it should be relatively easy to extract data from or create HTTP ARchive (HAR) files. We released HttpWatch version 6.2 today and one of its major new features is import: and export of HAR files: There’s no automation support and you can’t save a HAR … Continue reading