HttpWatch iOS App Now Supports Password Managers and other App Extensions

calendarAugust 9, 2017 in HttpWatch , iOS , iPad , iPhone

The latest update (version 11.0.15) of the HttpWatch iOS app has a new share sheet that can be opened from the browser window:

The top row of icons allow sharing the current URL with standard apps such as Mail and iMessage while the bottom row includes built-in actions and extensions from other apps:

If you already use a password manager app such as 1Password or Roboform you can now use it to fill in user names and passwords on web pages within the HttpWatch app. The 1Password app also supports filling in identity information such as name, address, credit card details, etc:

Other apps such as certificate checkers can also be used from the share sheet and we’ve included several built-in actions such as Reset Browser, Clear Cache and Open in Safari.

By selecting More… you can control which actions appear and their order in the share sheet:

Recommended iOS Apps For Developers

calendarJuly 1, 2014 in HttpWatch , iOS , iPad , iPhone

The small screens of the iPad and iPhone don’t lend themselves to in-depth development tasks, but their mobility and convenience can be useful when tracking down problems in the field or providing support when you are out of the office.

Here’s a list of apps that you may find useful if you are involved in development or tech support: (Please let us know in the comments if there’s any we’ve missed)

Networking & Web

HttpWatch – of course this has to be on the list! Our app is the ultimate browser based HTTP sniffer for iOS. (Paid & Free)

iNetwork Utility – scans your network showing device types and network addresses. It also supports Wake-On-Lan and can browse services advertised with Bonjour. (Paid)

System Status
System Status – shows in-depth information about the state of your iOS device including active network connections, memory and CPU usage. (Paid)
– tests the speed of your internet connection using servers close to you or at chosen locations (Free)

Pingdom – view the status of sites and services that you are monitoring and receive alerts if downtime occurs (Free)

IPMI Touch
– view the hardware status of IPMI supprting servers on your network including temperature, fan speed, etc. Servers can also be remotely powered on/off or restarted (Paid)

– a Telnet and SSH client for your iPhone or iPad (Paid)

Jump Desktop
Jump Desktop
– a remote desktop (RDP/VNC) client for Windows PCs and Servers (Paid)

Editing and File Handling

Textastic Code Editor
Textastic Code Editor
  – a fully featured code editor with syntax highlighting (iPhone Paid & iPad Paid)

– iOS 7 doesn’t have a public file system for sharing files between apps. Dropbox is the best alternative until improved sharing features arrive in iOS 8. You can save files from Mobile Safari or Mail and then open them in other apps or PC/ Mac (Free)

iOS Development & App Management

AppCooker – prototype iPhone and iPad apps on your iPad (Paid)

iTunes Connect
iTunes Connect
– view the sales and download data for your app on iOS (Free)

Crash Manager
Crash Manager
– view and manage crash reports from your Crashlytics account (Free)


Stack Exchange
Stack Exchange
– access Stack Overflow, Super User and Server Fault from your iPhone or iPad (Free)

– a blog reader app that synchronizes with your NewsBlur account (Free)

– download and view videos from Apple Developer conferences (Free)

HttpWatch for iOS Now Displays Page Summary and Events

calendarOctober 11, 2013 in HttpWatch , iOS , iPad , iPhone , Optimization

The latest update to the HttpWatch App displays the Page Load and Render Start events as lines on the waterfall chart just like the Windows based plugins for IE and Firefox:

Page Events in HttpWatch App

There’s also a page level summary of the network operations required to load a page:

Page Summary in App

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